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The importance of mathematics and statistics for society and hence education is being increasingly recognized. Today, data analysis is the subject of attention in almost all fields. In secondary education, too, increasing attention is being paid to data analysis.

In education attention is also increasingly being paid to digital learning environments. Our new program, Digibook, provides many opportunities for lecturers and students, in particular for mathematics.

The new and updated material you can now download is in English. Other languages will become available at a later date.

Multiple apps can now be tried from apps vusoft

Present apps are:
Sampling Sampling distribution, Sampling from yes-no population, Dancing samples, Sampling from two populations,
Bootstrap and randomization : Bootstrap for sample mean, bootstrap for one proportion, Bootstrap for difference in mean, Bootstrap for regression, Randomization test, compare two proportions , matched pairs and Crosstab
Miscellaneous Regular tree, Crosstab analysis, Compare crosstabs, The law of small numbers

These apps are in twelve languages: English, German, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese

Last updated 10 November 2015