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The importance of mathematics and statistics for society and hence education is being increasingly recognized. Today, data analysis is the subject of attention in almost all fields. In secondary education, too, increasing attention is being paid to data analysis.

In education attention is also increasingly being paid to digital learning environments.

The new and updated material you can now download is in English. Other languages will become available at a later date.

The vustat apps apps are a nice collection of apps to support modern statistics education.
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The challenge of education in statistics is to clarify important statistical concepts. The apps and the educational embedding is used to give students insight in modern statistical methods.
  • Data analysis
    The 'Data analysis' app provides the student with everything needed to deal with data sets, both at an elementary level and an advanced level.
  • Sampling distribution
    Sampling distribution is an important statistical concept. Sampling distribution can be excellently simulated with the 'Sampling distribution' app, indispensable for good understanding.
  • Distributions With this app you can make a graph of all kinds of well-known and less-well-known probability distributions. Change the parameters and see how the graph changes.

These apps are in thirteen languages: English, German, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguse

Last updated 21 August 2017