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VUsurvey is a simple but powerful program for designing and submitting surveys. The collected data can be viewed and analysed right away in the same environment, without any paperwork. The program can be used in class starting to learn statistics with home made data, in school for projects and surveys. The program is also suitable to organise a survey over the internet.

Parts of the program

  • Design a survey. In a simple environment texts and questions of different type can be entered. The name of a question automatically becomes the name of the statistical variable, multiple answers automatically become labels in the data set.
  • Types of questions. Possible are: Fill-in-the blank questions(text, integer, number); Multiple choice questions; List of choices; Checkboxes; Ranked Choices; Open-ended questions.
  • Complete a survey.
  • On the computer, laptop, tablet the survey can be completed by one person after another.
  • Data. Data can be viewed, saved, saved in multiple formats, merged, imported from the web, and deleted.
  • Data analysis. All usual statistical diagrams from dotplots to scatterplots and tables can be made. Statistical tools as descriptive statistics, dividing in subgroups, classification of data etc. are available.